Willow Tree Herbs currently offers some of the most competitive pricing compared to other distributors of herbs, ethnobotanicals, and spices! Order our products in wholesale for good discounts off the already incredibly low prices.

In addition to the discounts available for herbs, ethnos, spices, and teas, we also offer economical prices on our tinctures, essential oils, containers, and bulk ingredients. These product prices reflect a built-in discount when purchased in the larger sizes. So much better than a coupon, these deals are available all year round!


We offer numerous discounts through several mediums including our herbal education program & bulk discounts, etc. We cannot honor accumulative discounts or what is known as “double-discounting”. If a situation arises where more than one discount may apply, Willow Tree Herbs will honor the highest discount first and all other discounts which may accumulate after that will become void.

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